How to Recover Deleted Files

Odds are you just deleted some files that you didn't mean to get rid of and now you're looking for an easy way to get them back. Whether you deleted some files from your hard drive or an external drive or a USB drive, you're in luck! There are a few quick ways to recover any and all files that were deleted by accident.


Quick and Simple File Recovery

The first place you will want to check for any files, whether they are photos, Word documents, or any other file type is your Recycle Bin. This is the first part of your computer you should check when looking to recover any kind of deleted files.

To recover files, go to your Recycle Bin icon and double-click it, you can also right-click the icon and select 'Open'. Once you have opened the Recycle Bin, locate your file(s), then simply right-click the file(s) and select 'Restore'. The files will automatically be restored to their previous location on your hard drive.

If you cannot find your files in the Recycle Bin, it is very possible that the Bin has been emptied since you deleted your files and that will make recovery much trickier and you may not always be able to recover your files. There are several programs available that will help you in your file recovery. One of the best ones that we have used and highly recommend is Recuva, which is available to download for free here.

There is no guarantee that Recuva will be able to fully recover a document or file that has been deleted but it is one of your best bets.

How to Recover Files with Recuva

Here's some good news, you don't need to have Recuva installed before you accidentally deleted your files. It can be downloaded and used afterwards but it is recommended that you download it as soon as you realize that a file has been deleted accidentally for your best chance of recovering the file. Recuva is easy to use and even has a step by step wizard that will help walk you through the file recovery process. Recuva can be downloaded from our site by going here. Once it has been installed, you can open the full program that offers several options for finding your files or you can open the recovery wizard and select what type of file you're looking for and where you would like Recuva to search.

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