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Editor's Review

WhatsApp is a highly versatile smartphone messaging app that will integrate seamlessly with your phone. WhatsApp is available on all smartphones, from iPhones to Android to BlackBerry to Windows, it just plain works. WhatsApp can be used to create group chats where you can share your pictures, video, songs and location data using an integrated location feature.


WhatsApp has a very intuitive interface that will be very natural for most people to use. It is very similar to your native messaging app but there are a few new features to learn. One of the most useful features is the ability to create group chats where you are able to share pictures, videos and your location with whoever is included in the chat. If you're at a concert, you can snap a picture, add a comment and location and share it with as few or as many people as you'd like.


The most widely used feature of WhatsApp is the group chat. You can share unlimited photos, videos, audio messages and texts with your friends. Because WhatsApp uses your data to send all messages, you don't have to worry about having unlimited text or picture messages to stay in touch. One of the most welcome features of WhatsApp is that it is completely ad free and always will be. The app can be used for free for a year and after your first year, it will cost $0.99 for every year after that. Considering how much value this adds to your daily life, we definitely think $0.99 is a very reasonable price and wouldn't hesitate to pay for it.


WhatsApp runs very quickly and has a lightning fast response speed. A huge plus is that WhatsApp automatically makes a backup to your phone every single day so if you accidentally delete a chat or all of your chats, you will be able to restore them and keep all your memories intact. WhatsApp will also help to protect you from spam messages by banning users who send too many messages to users that aren't in their address book so you don't have to worry about people trying to scam you. You can also block any user of your choosing if you'd rather not be contacted by them.


WhatsApp is a great way to enhance your smartphone's messaging capabilities. The option to create group chats and share unlimited photos, videos, and audio messages has never been easier. There are over 500 million users that are actively using this app every month and over 10 billion chats are sent every single day. The fact that you can do all of this without having to create another account and remember yet another password is what really sold us on the app. It integrates with your phone so you can start using it immediately and have complete access to your phonebook from within the app as soon as you download and open the app. This is a very easy app for us to recommend and its' long-standing, enormous user base is proof of how well this app works.

Publisher’s Description

WhatsApp Messenger is a mobile messaging app that allows you to send/receive messages without having to pay for SMS. It is available for Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, and Nokia. Download it now to stay in touch with your friends, for free!

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